Good – Bad Plastic

Good – bad plastic. Our thoughts on using and re-cycling plastic

Re-cycling plastic is more topical than ever. Plastic floats in the seas as massive ”rafts” and microscopic particles originating from i.a. facial and body scrubs, toothpastes and fleece clothing. We are faced with images of lagoons crusted with plastic bottles. It is a sorry sight.

Although the situation seems at times hopeless, it pays to avoid plastic as often as possible. We think the use of all kinds of disposable plastic is unnecessary. We create a better tomorrow with the choices we make in our everyday life.

Our products contain no microplastics or mineral oils

The detergents we produce contain no microplastics or other base ingredients of the petrochemical industry – unlike unfortunately many detergents found in the aisles of supermarkets.

The ingredients of our products are 100% plant based. The washing ingredient, tenside, is based on saponified coconut oil. All mineral oil based tensides are banned from our premices.

Why do we still use plastic bottles?

Although plastic has a bad reputation, it does have its benefits. The up and down sides of plastic are in fact the same: Durability.

The container options for detergents when preservability is taken into consideration are plastic or glass. A glass bottle is not so good as it can slip out of Your hand and brake. Broken glass in the shower is not a nice or a safe image. Bioplastic made from sugar is the same polyethylene as ordinary plastic. Hard to believe but it also remains in Nature as eternally as the so called ordinary plastic bottle. Plastic is plastic, be it manufactured from mineral oil or sugar. In addition to this, in order to acquire farming areas for the raw material of bioplastic, sugar, rainforests are once again under threat. This of course is ecologically absolutely unbearable.

Due to the demands of preservability biodagradable materials are unsuitable for containers. It would be unfortunate if the detergent started to leak from the container after it has been refilled for only a year.

This is why the only alternative for detergents that guarantees both safety and preservability is packing them in plastic containers. The detergents keep in plastic containers for three years. The container lasts for ever if refilled.

We encourage people to re-cycle and to use refillable containers

The best solution to the present plastic problem is to be found in re-cycling and sustainable alternatives. We wish to return the intrinsic value of things by offering You detergent containers, that are at the same time beautiful and last many refills.

We hope that when buying our products You would preferably re-fill the empty detergent containers time and again. We offer our selection also in handy re-fill bags that save 80 % plastic in comparison with a container.

We also offer 5 litre re-fill canisters for many of our detergents if You are a major consumer of detergents.

When the container really has come to its end we hope that You return the clean container to the nearest re-cycling collection point for plastic containers. You can find collection points widely. From these the plastic containers will not be carted to the rubbish tip but will be re-cycled as material for new containers.

We do all we can - and invite You to join us

Most of the bottles ending up in the Oceans could be re-cycled if each country had a system developed for re-cycling. Until this (we hope) becomes reality, we do our best to minimise the effects of plastic in the World. This we aim to do by operating as responsibly as possible as a company and by incouraging You to re-use containers.

Thank You for choosing an Ole Hyvä – product. You’ll be doing Your bit to minimise the plastic burden of the World.

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